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Final Fantasy VIII Guardian Forces (GF) Secrets

Every people who own PlayStation 1 should know Final Fantasy games because this is the most popular role-playing video game in 1999 developed by Square. Let’s say you were familiar with this attractive games and here i would like to share some secrets in Final Fantasy VIII. We all know that this FF8 is very old one but doesn’t mean this will be the end for me because its still the best one i always like to play.

Before we starts to expose the secrets of Guardian Forces, lets talk about the intro and mission of this adventures games. Squall Leonhart who are part of an organization named SeeD travelling to many countries to stop sorceress Edea. Of course Squall not alone but he was supported by his team mate and groups to reach their goal in this missions. This group must stop sorceress Edea and stop the future sorceress named Ultimecia from compressing time.

Okay, i’m not too much talking about this intro because i’m sure that all of you have known the story long time ago before me. Lets go to the main topic about Guardian Forces (GF) Secrets. I’m sure all of us never collected all GFs in this game if we play without cheating. Now my questions is, did you know how many GFs are in this games? Lets expose this secrets together.

24 Guardian Forces in Final Fantasy VIII

This is real man, there are 24 GFs in this game and i’m sure we’re very attemped to catch all this GF but never accomplished. Why? because they are divided to some sections like this:
1. Sixteen GF can be summoned by the summon command
2. Six cannot be junctioned and appear randomly
3. Two only appear as enemy under Ultimecia’s Control

Here is the Sixteen GFs that can be summoned (source: wikipedia)

Sixteen GFs

Sixteen GFs 2

GFs 3

Here is the Six GFs that cannot be summoned (source: wikipedia)

Six GFs

Here is two GF’s under enemy control¬†(source: wikipedia)

Enemy GFs

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