Game Review: Captain Commando

Have you ever play Captain Commando? If you ever play then congratulation you’re old! But nothing beat this game from nostalgia of playing the classic arcade game. This game has been release in CPS & PlayStation.

Many characters to choose and play. From Baby Robot, Ninja, Mummy, to Captain Commando. Each characters has it own special ability. Like Baby Robot have super strength, this baby could punch you to the sky! Ninja is using double sword to slash the enemy into pieces. Also Mummy use double daggers to stab enemy ass. Captain Commando have ability to use fire and electric!

So many level in this games, the level design are great. Each level has it own boss. You might get yourself struggle fighting with the boss because their health is far more than yours. If you play the game in arcade it probably not a good idea, because you will spend coin, like a lot. But if you play this game on PlayStation then you will just press Start and there you go.

You will not find yourself bored to easily to play this games. So, GameGameGo quite recommend you to play this game if you’re new, or just want to Nostalgia!

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