Game Review: Metal Slug

Who doesn’t knows about this game series? This probably the old game with beat’em up genre. Metal Slug is about the rebellion who will fight their way versus army, civil or even an ALIEN. Yes, you’re not read it wrong, it’s fuckin’ Aliens.

Metal Slug have some character to be play, Marco is the old guy who have good strength and main protagonist in the game. Eri is cute women who full with confident. Also there’s Tarma, more older guy than Marco. At least, meet Fio is a cute girl who isn’t afraid to shoot some aliens ass.

The level design in Metal Slug are great in their ages. So many fancy object to enjoy and you could shoot some barrels and get items. Sometimes, you could also help civil that will reward you with items & guns.

This game is very good to be play, and also nostalgia. So very recommend to people who like arcade & shooting genres game.

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